'Measure, Draw, Build' exhibition at the RIBA, London

'Measure, Draw, Build' exhibition at the RIBA, London

Measure Draw Build - An exhibition of work by
George Saumarez Smith

At the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London from 25th October to
26th November 2017

On 25th October, George Saumarez Smith, Director of ADAM Architecture and one of the most influential classical architects of his generation, will be launching Measure Draw Build, an exhibition about the processes behind the creation of his timeless buildings.

George Saumarez Smith’s architectural work is characterised by an understanding of materials, and a particular attention to detail. His work is constantly being fed by study of historic buildings and details, explored through Saumarez Smith’s meticulous measured drawings which are drawn to scale on site, and range from pieces of furniture to town squares. Measure Draw Build will showcase original measured pencil drawings in cloth bound sketchbooks, plans created in the studio, notes and photography depicting each stage of the intricate architectural process of the buildings George has created over the last 15 years. It will also show photographs of some of the finished buildings that have resulted from this meticulous, scholarly and yet intensely practical design process.

George Saumarez Smith’s interest in exploring Classicism started in the 1990s during his time as a student in Edinburgh, through making measured drawings of buildings he admired as a way of understanding how they were designed and constructed. Later these measured drawings fed into his design work, providing solutions to today’s practical problems.

Often overlooked by the profession in favour of so called contemporary architecture, classical architecture’s enduring popularity demonstrates the case for more diversity, argues George Saumarez Smith. This is especially so in schools of architecture where Classicism is still considered out of bounds.

George Saumarez Smith, Director at ADAM Architecture said: "There seems to be a new mood emerging in British architecture, one that is interested in craft as well as in technology, in tradition as well as modernity, and in taking things more slowly and carefully in an ever-accelerating world. I hope that this exhibition will spark some debate about the relevance of the classicism in architecture - and also about the important role of drawing by hand."

Measure Draw Build is an exhibition about the creative process from seeing craftsmanship at first hand to understanding how different materials look, feel and behave, and underlines the importance of drawing, proportion and craft. It shows an extraordinary body of work from a young architect whose drawing ability and understanding of classical architecture is only matched by his ability to design classical buildings tailored to modern lifestyles.

Measure Draw Build will be shown at The Practice Space, RIBA London and closes on 26th November 2017.
Exhibition opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10am to 5pm and every Tuesday 10am to 8pm
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