ADAM Architecture appoints Sustainability Lead

December 7, 2022

Sustainability has always been a strong consideration, but it is now an overriding responsibility informing everything from design and delivery to commercial operations – that’s not just at ADAM Architecture, but the global construction industry.

We are bolstering our leading position within the classical and traditional sector with investment in people and the appointment of a Sustainability Lead to drive forward the work of our own sustainability team.  “This is absolutely fundamental for our future business approach,” says ADAM director, Darren Price. “It has long been at the forefront of our process, but now we need to be resolute on where sustainability sits within our current and future work. This is less about architecture and more about ethics and how our industry contributes to the world around us.”

Dr Martina Pacifici has been appointed as our Sustainability Lead. She will provide operational structure, practical experience and leadership for the company’s sustainability team as we take positive steps towards playing our part in combatting the climate emergency and ensuring that the design and delivery of all projects within the ADAM portfolio are carried out in the most carbon efficient manner.

Martina and her team will collaborate with the firm’s six design directors and staff at every level to ensure we continue to be a leading practitioner of traditional and progressive classical architecture and contextual urban design, but with a sustainable approach intrinsically interwoven through our process and culture. Her expertise will support establishing energy efficient solutions across all projects as well as decarbonisation of our own operations.

Martina Pacifici says: “Sustainability is a massive issue when it comes to all new build projects and developments, no matter their scale, and improving sustainability of our existing building stock must also be one of our main goals – and one where we can really make a significant difference.

“We must all work towards a responsible future where architecture and nature coexist in harmony. We have been building since the dawn of time but now we need to take stock and live with far more regard for our planet. I firmly believe that the current climatic circumstances require fast change in all aspects of society and a part of that for us as a profession is to transform, innovate and embrace net zero pathways. We also need to retain the integrity of our historic buildings whilst adapting them to meet the climate change challenge.”

Hugh Petter, director, ADAM Architecture, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Martina to the practice to help ensure that everything we do going forward is infused with cutting edge thinking about sustainability, integrating common sense with the latest technical developments.  We have a well-established track record of delivering highly sustainable new buildings and urban environments.  Our excellent sustainability team, led by Martina, is helping us to develop our understanding to a new level, and is helping too to develop new strategies for improving the performance of historic buildings.  This isn’t just lip service or virtue signalling: ADAM Architecture has always prided itself on looking forward and embracing change.  We like to lead by example through our built work; through sharing our thinking, and through playing an active role in the wider debate to help to raise sustainability standards across the industry.  Time is short and there is much to do.  Every company across the built environment sector must equip themselves with the necessary professional and intellectual tools they need to play their part in this most pressing and difficult global challenge.”

Dr Martina Pacifici studied Architectural Engineering at “Sapienza” University of Rome (IT) and earned her Doctorate degree at “USP” University of São Paulo (BR) in Civil and Urban Construction Engineering. Her research was focussed on climate-responsive urban design and advanced urban energy modelling. She is BREEAM Advisory Professional certified and also a reviewer of Science Journals including Sustainable Cities and Society.

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