ADAM directors share their imaginative redesign of the Buckingham Palace façade in Country Life article

May 26, 2022

Country Life asked six architects to suggest, in playful spirit, how Buckingham Palace might be changed for the better, to mark the Jubilee. In the article 'A royal face for the future' (dated 25 May 2022), ADAM directors Robbie Kerr and Rob Cox have suggested their re-design with a pencil drawing.

Commenting on their design they said, "A client once said that although they likes Buckingham Palace as a model, they thought it could be improved with a dome. On recounting this to the Architectural Editor of  Country Life, he politely asked: “Which elevation?” Given the chance to explore improvements to the East Elevation, the dome provides this opportunity to demonstrate how right clients can be. ‘To either side of this new strong focal point along the Mall, wings have been bought out to the line of the railings, creating a more powerful and positive front to the Palace and the public. The repetitive rhythm that currently runs along the face of the façade has been simplified and replace with crisp, refined Classical detailing. The porticos have been improved by creating more depth and elegance. ‘The whole composition hopefully creates a sense of powerful embrace that gives Buckingham Palace the aura, the grandeur and the confident splendour it deserves."

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