Announcing staff promotions

March 11, 2024

We are delighted to announce a number of staff promotions, as part of our strategy to bolster our management teams in the Drawing Office and recognise the work, attitude and commitment of a number of people in the office. As the practice continues to grow, we are able to create opportunities for well-rounded staff to progress their careers, particularly where they can demonstrate strong leadership, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and delegation skills.

Our team members have shown exceptional management capabilities, applying specialist knowledge and making good decisions in their interactions with clients, consultants, and colleagues. Some have spent the past year developing their project management skills, showing a commitment to growth and contributing significantly to our office, while others have made incredibly positive contributions to their teams and projects, further enriching our office culture and work environment.

A heartfelt congratulations to all our staff for their dedication and hard work, with a special acknowledgment to those recently promoted for their exceptional contributions to our office. We look forward to being able to work with all these individuals to continue to develop their careers and look forward to welcoming them and their ideas to the shaping of the office, culture and ongoing work.

Meet the team.