Changes to Executive Board at ADAM Architecture

May 14, 2024

ADAM Architecture is pleased to announce that Design Directors, Darren Price and Robert Cox, have become equal equity members of its Executive Board, this follows Design Director, Nigel Anderson’s decision to step back from his role on the board in preparation for retirement.

With growing portfolios of high-profile projects across the UK, Darren and Robert’s investment in the practice signifies a period of project growth and expansion, and Nigel is now a Principal Architect at ADAM Architecture maintaining an active role in the practice and ongoing projects.

Darren and Robert, who first entered the practice in 2010 and 2013 respectively, will join the current equal equity Design Directors, Hugh Petter, George Saumarez Smith, and Robbie Kerr. Through their work, as well as their board involvement in education, research and writing, each has advanced the standing of classical and traditional design in the British architectural profession. The five Directors hold equal responsibilities in upholding the standards and shaping the working culture of the practice. This is reflected in the non-hierarchical structure of the board.

Of his move to become an equal equity Director, Darren Price says:

“After nearly 15 years at ADAM Architecture, I am thrilled to announce my new role on the executive board as an equal equity shareholder Director, alongside Hugh Petter, George Saumarez Smith, Robbie Kerr and joining me in parallel, Robert Cox. My contributions to the firm's growth and development fill me with optimism for what lies ahead, and I acknowledge the significant contributions of the founders and those who have led the business up to this point, including Nigel Anderson who is transitioning to a new role within the business.

Throughout my tenure, I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most talented architects and leaders in the industry, working on numerous impactful projects. This experience has equipped me well to take on a leadership role as collectively we address the challenges of today's world, supported by an outstanding team, top-tier design partners, and visionary clients.

Our commitment to nurturing careers and promoting internally stands as a testament to ongoing investment in our employees. This appointment is a continuation of our effective succession planning, reinforcing our sustained success and leadership in the realms of classical and traditional design.”

Of his investment in the practice as an equity Director, Robert Cox says:

“I wanted to pursue a career in architecture from an early age, following my father’s footsteps to a degree. Having grown up in Winchester where ADAM Architecture is based, there was always one firm I wanted to work for. I joined the practice 10 years ago, and it is with huge pride and excitement that I can announce that I am now an equal equity shareholder Director. I am honoured to be joining my fellow executive board members Hugh Petter, George Saumarez Smith, Robbie Kerr and Darren Price, and look forward to driving the practice forward.

As the youngest Director, I can say that succession planning and nurturing home-grown talent is essential in a firm such as ours. Without it, any practice risks becoming cemented in its ways, and with it, we can offer fresh thinking and new approaches. I have been very fortunate to benefit from this process and learn under my fellow directors past and present over the last 10 years, including Nigel Anderson, who is transitioning into a new role. It goes without saying that we must continue to learn from and embrace the expertise of those who have trodden that path before, and I am conscious that I have a major responsibility to my team and the firm in sharing what I know and listening to the next generation.”

Of his change of role in preparation for retirement, Principal Architect Nigel Anderson says:

"My last thirty years as a Director have been an extraordinarily rewarding journey and it’s been a privilege to be part of turning what was really just a provincial architectural practice when I joined it into the highly regarded and exceptionally skilled company that it now is. Part of that privilege has also been being able to nurture the talent of so many exceptional people within the Practice and it is great to have two of these, Robert Cox and Darren Price, now taking my place on the Board of Directors. I know they will bring a new and exciting dynamic to the company whilst still cherishing its core beliefs and I wish them both as much fun and fulfilment as I have enjoyed as a Director over the years. Whilst no longer being a member of the Board of Directors I will continue to provide full design support on those projects that have been historically mine to ensure complete continuity of communication and direct involvement with my clients."