Contribution from Robbie Kerr in new thought-leadership paper on China’s re-opening

February 8, 2023

A very interesting thought leadership paper has just been published by China Luxury & Property PR Agency 11K Consulting and Luxury London Media, titled What does China's great re-opening mean for you?

ADAM director, Robbie Kerr was one of the invited 14 experts across luxury property, retail, architecture, lifestyle, legal and professional services sectors in Hong Kong, China and the UK to offer their unique insights on these topics from their industry perspective.

Questions asked:

1. What does China’s re-opening mean for your company and your sector?
2. How are you adapting your business for China’s re-opening?
3. What is your top tip for attracting Chinese customers?

Key findings:

The re-opening of China’s borders presents an exciting opportunity across sectors and a much more promising outlook in 2023.

However, the first few months of 2023 could remain challenging, with a stronger recovery expected around the middle of the year.

Domestic travel in China has resumed, and businesses are already planning trips to meet with Chinese counterparts and customers, in China, in 2023.

5 top tips for building trust with, and attracting Chinese customers:   Communicate frequently and effectively

    • Show sincerity, understanding and respect
    • Speak the same language
    • Share expertise and knowledge on the right Chinese platforms
    • Build deep and personal relationships

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