International Teaching – What ADAM Directors get up to when they’re not in the Office

August 23, 2023

Here at ADAM Architecture, we are committed to furthering the study of architecture in all its forms. Our directors are closely involved with several schools around the world and have written extensively on classical architecture. The practice also supports students directly through the annual travel scholarship, which every year makes international research possible for students of architecture.


George Saumarez Smith in Venice, Italy.

In May 2023, ADAM Director George visited Venice where he led the ICAA (Institute of Classical Architecture and Art) Drawing Tour. This year’s tour was focused on the classical architecture of Venice, specifically from the Early Renaissance period to the late Baroque period.

During this week-long trip, 18 architects and other professionals decided to seek architecture away from the crowds of tourists in the city. The highlights of the tour included drawing in the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace; visiting the State Archives - which contains Venetian history dating back thousands of years; spending a morning in the courtyard of Palazzo Pisani - which is now a music conservatory; visiting the vineyard of San Francesco Della Vigna; having a guided tour around the dome of Santa Maria Della Vigna; and getting special permission to draw one of Palladio’s facades at the Gallerie dell’Accademia.

By the end of the tour, the group had produced a variety of drawings, all in different types and medias. George has described this year’s tour as both memorable and inspirational for everyone involved.





Robbie Kerr in Antigua.

Also in May 2023, ADAM Director Robbie was invited to Antigua by the Commonwealth Heritage Forum as he is one of their trustees. Robbie was teaching as a part of the Commonwealth Heritage Skills Training Programme, which aims to fund the attendance of early career heritage conservation professionals from across the Caribbean.

The training was 3 weeks long, and each week was focused on a different topic. The first week looked at mapping and documenting the historic built environment, the second focused on understanding and managing historic building materials. For the final week, Robbie taught 12 students the values of historic buildings and the importance of restoration principles when managing these buildings and urban spaces. The students were split into three groups where they were given the task to look at the ways of enhancing the identities in cities. This included looking at the Government House in Antigua, as well as the Dockyard and the Cathedral.

Robbie explained how it was fantastic to see the way the group embraced the challenges, worked together and developed proposals that were holistic, provocative, and yet sensitive to the pressures found in historic cities; he described teaching the students as incredibly rewarding and invigorating.





Robert Cox and Conor Lynch in Utrecht, Netherlands.

In July 2023, ADAM Director Robert alongside Architectural Assistant Conor visited Utrecht to teach at INTBAU Netherlands Summer school, let’s build a beautiful city. This was the second time they had been invited by the Traditional and Classical Architecture and Urban Design Foundation, and this year’s theme was ‘Let’s Build a Beautiful City’.

For the first half of the class, Robert taught the students about measured drawings, where he explained the importance of this in the world of architecture, and how it still has relevance in today’s world of computerised design tools. Afterwards, Robert and the students visited St Martin’s Cathedral where they did a measured drawing within the cloisters of St Martin’s. The second half focused on perspective drawings, where the students headed to Stadhuisbrug to study perspective drawing. Both Robert and Conor demonstrated and gave practical advice whilst the students drew.

Robert and Conor have described it as a welcome opportunity to teach this year’s students some of the core skills every architect should have in their utility belt.