Journeys of Discovery – 15 Years of the ADAM Architecture Travel Scholarship

September 12, 2023

This stunningly illustrated book is an edited compilation of research projects from eleven travel scholarship winners who have travelled in countries as various as Ethiopia, Japan, Italy and Iran, looking at subjects as wide-ranging as rock-hewn churches, dry stone masonry, anthropomorphism in Baroque architecture, and Seljuk building in Isfahan.

The ADAM Travel Scholarship was launched in 2005 with an aim to inspire students and encourage architectural exploration. From the start we were impressed with the variety and high standards of applications that we received. Each year the applications have always included surprising and unexpected areas of study which address our core interest in the continuity of tradition.

Our travel scholarship is open to students or recent graduates, studying for their RIBA Part I, and up to 3 years after their Part II qualification, or equivalent.

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