How to Make People Friendly Places – National Urban Design Group Awards brochure

February 7, 2022

We were delighted that the new urban extension to Newquay in Cornwall - Nansledan - was recognised with a National Urban Design Group Award at the end of 2021.  After the awards, the Urban Design Group produced a new guide, How to Make People Friendly Places.

Written with an audience of MPs, councillors and clients in mind, How to Make People Friendly Places uses the work of the winners and finalists of the 2021 National Urban Design Awards to illustrate overall best practice in urban design and how it can be translated into action.

From the Urban Design Group website:

A guide for politicians, professionals, and citizens

The job of urban design is to work with communities to bring together all the components that make a successful street, neighbourhood, town or city, making them fit together, look attractive, and work well.

This report celebrates the best of the work from the 2021 National Urban Design Awards, and the communities, firms, and local authorities who demonstrate how it can be done.

Surveys repeatedly show that we are building in the wrong places, in unsustainable locations, creating neighbourhoods that don’t reflect current government guidance, and are designed around vehicles, rather than people. These awards demonstrate that we don’t have to do this.

We can create quality development in any community in Britain. We can build in the right places that offer people access to the work, opportunities, and services they need for a fulfilled life, and that are not exclusively dependent on car ownership and use.  We can follow current Government and industry best practice guidance, and it will produce excellent results.

Download a copy of How to Make People Friendly Places

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