New country house on historic Wayneflete Estate in Surrey granted planning permission

April 21, 2022

Planning permission has been granted by Elmbridge Borough Council for a new house and garage block on the historic Wayneflete Estate in Esher, Surrey.

Designed by ADAM directors Nigel Anderson and Robbie Kerr, the new main house is being created by the remodelling of the existing Waynflete Barn including a two-storey rear extension and a new basement. The new garage and storage building will replace an existing barn. Our design for the main house has a prominent but simple Tuscan central Portico to both main facades and subservient wings to the eastern side of the building that help form a sense of enclosure to the entrance approach.

This historic site has noble and ecclesiastical provenance along with aesthetic associations with William Wayneflete, Bishop of Winchester; Henry Pelham, former Prime Minister of England; and the 18th century polymath, William Kent. Through extensive historic research, amateur archaeology and detailed survey work, it has been possible to piece together a comprehensive understanding of Kent's landscape and architectural works at Esher Place and enabled us to open up the landscape of this site. Unfortunately reinstating the previously lost Fisherman's Temple uncovered on the site was rejected due to local opposition.

Landscape by Balston Agius