Planning Approval: New Farmhouse in Hampshire

January 26, 2024

Planning application has been approved for a new brick and flint Hampshire Farmhouse, restoring some of the surrounding barns and working with the history of the site to inform the design.  This site has suffered from neglect and is currently in a poor condition, so the proposed new design of the replacement farmhouse and outbuildings designed by ADAM Director Robbie Kerr, would make a positive contribution to the built environment of the local area and the surrounding landscape, while providing a home with a plan form and layout to facilitate contemporary family living and the optimum enjoyment of this site.

The replacement house is in a farmhouse style with the design having been carefully considered so as to not overload it with unnecessary elaborate decorative detail. The external form of the building is defined by brick and flint walls with a natural clay tile roof. These natural materials, with low embodied energy, are widely seen on farmhouses throughout Hampshire and so have been chosen as a sensitive response to the defining characteristics of the local area.  Locally sourced materials will be used throughout where possible.

Landscape design by Elizabeth Tyler Landscape Design