Planning permission granted for a new house in Surrey

July 4, 2023

Planning permission has just been granted for a replacement house designed by ADAM director Robbie Kerr, with landscape by Elizabeth Tyler. The design seeks to overcome an awkward disconnect between the current house and its position on the site, being located hard up against the existing bridleway to the front and backing uncomfortably into the rising hill against the public footpath to the rear creating a dark and overshadowed area. The new design brings together the dwelling with the associated amenity space in a sensitive manner to respect the protected landscape.

The new house will be positioned on the southeast side of the existing track and has been designed to curve in response to the form of the landscape and existing track. The design respects the local Surrey vernacular and materiality, making use of Arts & Crafts detailing, which would respect the character of the dwelling it would replace.

The architecture is of a high standard and of a sympathetic design to this setting. It has not tried to impose itself on the landscape but work with it in a landscape led scheme.  Angling the single storey wing to the main house will work well with the natural contours and allow the development to sit more comfortably in the hillside, better than if the wing were in a straight line with the house. The development may even result in an enhancement of this part of the AONB landscape.

Commenting on the planning decision, Robbie Kerr said, "It has been incredibly rewarding planning this with our clients to create a new home on this incredible site. The new house takes strong references from the surrounding local vernacular, integrating details such as varengeville windows that look up and down the track, and a set of elevations that respond to the need for a more enclosed and private track façade, and an elevation that opens up and steps back to response to the views and privacy."