Planning permission granted for new country house in Northamptonshire

March 30, 2022

Planning permission has been granted by Kettering Borough Council for a replacement house on a site that borders a Grade I Listed house, park, and gardens.  The existing house and the cluster of seven outbuildings have sprawled out across the site in the last 50 years. The new house will provide a more concise and unified home more suited to the needs of the clients’ family. It will be constructed to an exceptionally high standard such that it will last far beyond their lifetime, providing a legacy of a house and landscape which uphold an exemplary demonstration of 21st century design and sustainability – one which quietly challenges current expectations of country houses.

The design by ADAM Director Robbie Kerr has been developed with careful consideration of both the way that the family will live and grow, and in response to a strong desire to reduce space that will not be used frequently; so often found in older houses of similar external character.

The family have a desire to promote a holistically sustainable approach to the building of this house, from locally sourced materials, careful design of fabric, through to the use of integrated technology and on site energy production. They also have an aspiration to improve and develop ecological diversity of local environs and to build on the wider Estate’s principles of stewardship of land and nature.

Planning consultants are Spring Planning
Landscape by Elizabeth Tyler