Plans approved for new homes near Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

February 14, 2017

West Oxfordshire District Council have resolved to approve plans for up to 300 new homes on land to the south-east of Woodstock, near to the World Heritage site of Blenheim Palace and close to the Woodstock Conservation Area. This follows a refusal last year for 1200 homes on a larger site of which this forms part.

The design side of the master plan, for the 300 units was led by ADAM Architecture director, Hugh Petter, the scheme also provides small commercial and retail units set around a new neighbourhood square. The site, owned by the Blenheim Estate, will be developed in concert with Pye Homes. Chief Operating Officer and Property Director Roger File said, “We are delighted with this decision. We take our responsibility for the surrounding community very seriously. We see this as a legacy development: we are doing our best to ensure that this development will be something of which the town will be proud, and which will benefit everyone in Woodstock.”

Despite some local objection to the plans, the committees’ decision was 9:2 in favour.

The vision for this key site is to create an urban extension to Woodstock that draws upon the distinctive urban and architectural character of this important Oxfordshire market town. Hugh Petter commented “we are delighted to be in a position to work with Blenheim to help them achieve their laudable ambitions. We are working with an expanding group of landed estates and other institutional landowners who are aware that good design, rooted in regional character, and tightly controlled delivery, results in better long term value, and better places for people to live.”

Other consultants:
Planning & Landscape Consultant: Terence O’Rourke
Highways: David Tucker Associates
Natural heritage: BSG Ecology