Borderville Farm
Stamford, Lincolnshire

Borderville Farm Stamford
Borderville Farm Stamford

A masterplan for land on the north side of Stamford, owned in the main by the Burghley Estate is being developed on land currently known as Borderville Farm. The masterplan will provide 2,000 homes on a 120 hectare site. This is part of the Stamford North Sustainable Urban Extension which will deliver an innovative, integrated and high-quality extension to the town of Stamford. With its long history, spectacular town centre, and vibrant sense of community, it is a special place in which to live and work. Expansions of this scale have happened rarely to Stamford. Consequently, the local authorities, landowners, developers and other stakeholders with an interest in the new urban extension all acknowledge that it is a challenge and a responsibility to help this much cherished town to grow and meet the needs of its current and future residents.

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