Competition design for luxury apartments
Hong Kong

The design for a medium-rise block of forty luxury apartments in Hong Kong considers and carefully responds to the specific character of the site, the identity of the surrounding area and the culture and lifestyle of the people who will live there, as well as pushing the bounds of thinking in sustainable development. It challenges the way Classical architecture is perceived, evolving this familiar style, creating a building that is striking, refined, sensitive and timelessly elegant. The six-storey massing is split down into three towers with a central focus on the approach to the site. The links between the buildings are designed with filigree colonnades that follow historic precedent and provide elegant, shaded areas to the apartments and help articulate the elevation both horizontally and vertically. The building unwraps forming a gentle curve, maximising the potential of the views. The apartments will enjoy verandas, terraces and gardens of a size and quality unusual in Hong Kong. The landscaping has been conceived as a series calming spaces helping to tie the building in the surrounding luxurious verdant surrounding. A clubhouse and swimming pools are located where they will benefit from the solar gains, whilst the south of the main building is designed to minimise the gain through the fenestration and internal planning.  Sustainability considerations stem from a fabric first approach with innovative approaches to technology and consideration of the wellness of residents.

Designed By Robbie Kerr
Landscape Architect Randle Siddeley
Interior Designer 1508 London
Competition design for luxury apartments in Hong Kong

Competition design for luxury apartments in Hong Kong

Competition design for luxury apartments in Hong Kong


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