Refurbishment & alteration of a Grade II listed cottage

A planning application has been submitted for the refurbishment and alteration of a Grade II listed mid-19th century red brick traditional cottage in Surry, on the outskirts of Guildford.

The property is a generational family home and is currently in need of restoration and renovation to the fabric and services, and the owner’s want to create a living space that is more modern and suitable for their family lifestyle.   The property has authentic historical character and many original features which will be retained and refurbished where possible to preserve the property and its historical importance for the future. Whilst undertaking these alterations and refurbishment, the overall thermal performance of the house will be improved by insulating the roof, introducing slim double glazing to the existing retained windows, new insulated cavity walls to the rear extension and lining the existing external walls with an appropriate insulated board. The proportions of the 2-storey extension to the rear elevation have been developed taking into consideration a scholarly understanding of classical language, and fits with the scale and overall composition of the existing building.

Submitted for planning in April 2022


Designed By Darren Price
Refurbishment & alteration of a Grade II listed cottage in Surrey

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