2007 Christmas Card

2007 Christmas Card

A range of recent projects demonstrating how traditional design can deliver more sustainable architecture

1. 198-202 Piccadilly, London. New offices and shops, BREEAM rating ‘very good’

2. Poundbury South West Quadrant, Dorchester, Dorset. Mixed use development for the Duchy of Cornwall achieving Code for Sustainable Homes ‘Level 4’

3. Conversion of mansion to museum and residential use, Middlesex. New residential development within ground, designed to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes ‘Level 4’

4. New Country House, Surrey. company plan, ground-source heat pump and solar panels contributing towards hot water and heating requirements for 7,500 sq ft house

5. New village, Chobham, Surrey. Incorporating solar gain orientation, water management, controlled car use, shared transport, the extension and enhancement of exisiting woodland and pond

6. New Country House, Dorset. South-facing sunspace and cellular basement heat storage and heat exchange

7. New Country House in Wiltshire using locally sourced natural stone and flint

8. Solar House, Wakeham, West Sussex. Pioneering design utilizing passive solar energy, sunspace and convection through wind towers

9. New Country House, Wiltshire. solar water heating for 8,000 sq ft country house

10. Commercial housing scheme for 14 units in Winchester, Hampshire. Achieving code for Sustainable Homes ‘Level 4’

11. New Country House, Hampshire. Compact plan, geothermal heating system providing hot water and heating requirements for 7,500 sq ft house

12. Commercial mixed use scheme for 200 units at Newquay, Cornwall based upon masterplan by Leon Krier and Colum Mulhern. Code for Sustainable Homes ‘Level 4’

13. New House in Hampstead, London. Geothermal heating system and solar panels providing a proportion of hot water and heating requirements for 22,000 sq ft house

14. Research commissioned from Atelier 10 environmental consultants demonstrating the benefits of hearvy-walled construction in delivering more sustainable architecture

15. New Country House, Hampshire. Ground-source heat pump, solar panels and biomass boiler proving hot water and heating requirements for 6,500 sq ft house

16. New Country House, Cheshire. Zero carbon design achieved by combining techniques of reduction, reuse and recycling

Illustration by Chris Draper

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