A Treatise on Modern Architecture

A Treatise on Modern Architecture

Author: George Saumarez Smith
Publisher: The Bardwell Press
Published in 2013
ISBN 9781905622504

Following the tradition of many authors from the Renaissance to the mid-19th century, the book is in the form of a Treatise divided into five chapters. The first of these deals with the classical Orders and presents the author’s own versions of the Tuscan, Doric and Ionic Orders. The next three chapters contain drawings and photographs of various buildings that Saumarez Smith has designed and built over the last 10 years, including an art gallery in London’s New Bond Street, several country houses and garden buildings. The final chapter presents a selection of the author’s measured drawings of a variety of buildings in different parts of the world, from carved bench ends in a Suffolk parish church to the contents of an abandoned swimming pool in Venice.

“A bold and beautiful book by a brilliant young architect…” David Watkin, Country Life

“George Saumarez Smith is one of the rising stars of British architecture….” Alireza Sagharchi, The Georgian

“A delightful book: beautifully designed and finely printed, intelligently written and exquisitely illustrated…” James Stevens Curl, Times Higher Education

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