China Thought Leadership paper July 2022 by 11K Consulting & Regal London – Contribution from Robbie Kerr

China Thought Leadership paper July 2022 by 11K Consulting & Regal London – Contribution from Robbie Kerr

Robbie Kerr has contributed to a China Thought Leadership paper titled “2022 Market Update: Where in areas surrounding London are Mainland Chinese and HK investors and HNWIs buying, and why?” conducted by 11K Consulting and Regal London.

As the world starts to re-open, Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors are turning to areas surrounding London, especially Watford, in search of growth potential and better lifestyles.
According to the Statista Research Department, the prime property real estate market in outer London is marked by an overall increase during the four-year period between 2021 and 2025. During this period, sales on the prime regional real estate market are forecast to increase by 23 percent, with highest year-on-year increase expected in 2025 at five percent.

The key findings of the paper are:

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, locations around London such as Watford, Reading, Surrey, and Harrow have seen increased interest from buyers from Mainland China and Hong Kong; this demand is expected to remain steady for at least the next six months.
  • Return on investments, connectivity, close proximity to top schools and universities, and safety are top considerations of Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong buyers when buying properties around London.
  • Many Chinese students are expected to come to the UK in September and October, which will lead to greater demand for UK properties, including in areas around London.
  • When marketing properties in areas around London to buyers from Mainland China and Hong Kong, information about rental yields, potential capital growth, tax considerations, and transport links need to be made clear, on top of pricing information, and quality imagery of the properties in question.
  • While areas around London are popular, London residential properties are sought after as long-term, safe investments, as the capital city continues to benefit from top-class education, a diverse and liberal cultural scene, and an international business language.

QUESTION ONE: Where are Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong buyers purchasing properties around London, e.g. Watford, and why? Do you expect this trend to continue into the latter half of 2022?
RK: “… thanks to flexible working becoming increasingly standardised, we are seeing increasing numbers of Chinese buyers looking at second-tier British cities that are now booming due to the ability to live further away from their work and travel less often.

QUESTION TWO: What are key considerations for Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong buyers when investing in properties around London?
RK: “If a property is for a family, then a good amount of space, both inside the house, that can be tailored to their tastes and requirements, as well as outside is important. Locations with good access to schools and transport are popular too.”

QUESTION THREE: What are your top tips for attracting Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong buyers when marketing new developments, especially those around London?
RK: “…developments should show flexibility in use and international interior design, and that speed of construction should also be highlighted when marketing to Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong buyers.”

You can read the full article at this link.


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