In Place: A Study of Building & Identity

In Place: A Study of Building & Identity

Author / Editor: Harriet Wennberg, INTBAU
First published in 2015

Place identity study is a supporting publication to the INTBAU world congress 2015: Local Solutions to Global Challenges.

‘Place’ is a phenomenon always present in human life: “to be is to be in place” (Casey, 1993). Having emerged at the end of the 20th century, the term ‘place identity’ focuses on the significance of place, people, and meaning. Place identity is acknowledged as an important topic in the fields of geography, environmental psychology, urban and ecological sociology, urban design, and architecture. This study will examine developments in the expression of place identity in architecture, giving a brief multidisciplinary overview of the concept of place identity, establishing the meaning of place identity in a rapidly globalising world, and providing examples of the diverse ways in which the locality and specificity of place are represented in contemporary architecture.

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