Measure Draw Build: Work by George Saumarez Smith

Measure Draw Build: Work by George Saumarez Smith

Written by George Saumarez Smith
Introduction essay by Rory Olcayto
ISBN 978-0956414656

This catalogue accompanied the exhibition, ‘Measure Draw Build’, work by George Saumarez Smith, a Director of ADAM Architecture and a leading classicist. Centred around drawing as essential to the making of architecture, this exhibition was about the design process and emerged out of three activities: he measures, he draws and he builds.

‘Measure’ was represented by Saumarez Smith’s sketchbooks of meticulous measured drawings that he has been keeping for over 20 years.

‘Draw’ covered large framed presentation drawings of architectural projects in a variety of media.

‘Build’ completed the exhibition with a series of photographs of built work.

The exhibition ran from 25th October to 26th November 2017 in The Practice Space at the RIBA.

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