Housing Research by Knight Frank

Housing Research by Knight Frank

Knight Frank were commissioned by the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission to produce the following research looking into the challenges facing landowners and identifying if there is added value if housing developments are of a higher quality.

Hugh Petter, Director of ADAM Architecture and the sister company ADAM Urbanism, commented on the research reports, “This is one of the most significant contributions to the debate about the housing crisis, place making and value published in recent years.  It is an exceptional piece of work and should be required reading for everyone involved in the built environment.   It is more rounded in its view than any previous review of this subject, and we must hope now that the Government listens carefully to the advice that Charlie Dugdale and his colleagues at Knight Frank have laid out with such clarity. 

We only have one chance to get things right, and this report provides a solid foundation that can be built upon, but if only everyone digests the evidence and then works together to overcome the issues which are many and various.  We are delighted too that ADAM Urbanism’s particular contribution to this debate has been recognised.”

Links below to the research on Knight Frank’s website:

Cost and Value: identifying the cost and value of well-designed development schemes  –  Knight Frank analyses the challenges that landowners face in delivering high quality housing and makes recommendations to mitigate those challenges.

Building in Beauty: how to increase the design quality of schemes through the development process  –  Knight Frank looks at new housing developments from around the country to identify if there is added value in cases where schemes are developed with quality as an explicit aim. The report also looks at value beyond the housing itself.




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