The Art of Classical Details: Theory, Design & Craftsmanship

The Art of Classical Details: Theory, Design & Craftsmanship

Author: Phillip Dodd
Published by IMAGES Publishing
First published in 2013
ISBN 9781864702033

In The Art of Classical Details, Phillip James Dodd takes a close-up look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture. The book consists of two chapters — The Essays and The Projects.

Starting with a foreword by renowned decorator David Easton, The Essays are written by some of today’s most sought after architects, scholars and craftsmen. The Projects presents an illustrated look at 25 of today’s finest classically-designed homes. Employing the theories prescribed in the writings of the first chapter, this portfolio of contemporary buildings exhibits the work of some of the most recognizable and celebrated architects in Great Britain and the United States.

With contributions from Hugh Petter.

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