Rethinking the Planning System for the 21st Century – Policy Exchange

February 5, 2020

This research project has been supported by an Advisory Panel of experts from fields including residential development, commercial development, retail, economics, public policy, planning, local government, law, politics, architecture, energy and environment. Advisory Panel members attended two editorial roundtables and provided comments on report drafts.

Robert Adam was part of the Advisory Panel

"The Byzantine complexity and arbitrary decision-making of English planning turn places into little more than an expression of negotiations between big business development and harassed bureaucracies. The supply of housing is held back and small local builders give up. Vision, creativity and a more direct response to the persistent local plea for beauty can only happen with a root-and branch reform of the planning system."

An essay by Robert Adam 'Root and Branch Reform of the Planning System' is due to be published by Policy Exchange soon.

Link to the publication on the Policy Exchange website