Robbie Kerr is speaking at The Luxury Property Forum webinar on ‘Heritage & historic super-prime properties’

July 18, 2023

ADAM Director Robbie Kerr is taking part in a webinar on Thursday 20th July 2023 at 12pm on 'Historic and Heritage Super-Prime Properties' hosted by The Luxury Property Forum.

The webinar will be chaired by Priya Rawal, Founder and CEO of The Luxury Property Forum. Other expert panelists are James Carter-Brown, Head of UK Residential Building Consultancy at Knight Frank; Aidan Mortimer, Director at Knowles Construction; Tim Miles, Partner at Montagu Evans; and Marcus Barnett, Principal of Marcus Barnett Studio.  Register via the link

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful and historic super-prime properties in the world. From grand country estates to luxurious London apartments, these properties offer a unique combination of luxury, history and heritage. They are a symbol of the UK’s rich and varied past, and a reminder of the country’s long and illustrious history.

In this webinar, the panel will explore the appeal of historic and heritage luxury properties, the challenges faced by the teams developing and managing these properties and how we can bring these old yet beautiful buildings into the present. These heritage properties have a unique appeal. They are often located in desirable locations, and offer a sense of grandeur and character that is hard to find in modern properties. However, they also come with a number of challenges. They are often in need of significant renovation and repair, they can also be difficult to market and can be expensive and complex to maintain. The panel will also discuss the importance of appreciating the history of these properties, their current state, and the potential for them to become sustainable and functioning homes of the future. The luxury property industry has the privilege to preserve and enhance these properties for next generation.