Robbie Kerr’s thought on the draft London Plan 2017

December 1, 2017

On 29th November 2017, London Mayor Sadiq Khan published the draft London Plan, a blueprint for the future development and sustainable, inclusive growth of the city.

Robbie Kerr comments on the draft plan;

"The draft Local Plan provides a thorough and impressively comprehensive approach to design, architecture and urbanism in London. The concept of ‘Good Growth’ is the positive attitude that embraces the pressures that are being faced and shapes that into a clear, if rather lengthy, strategy to deliver for Londoners and the integration with the surround areas."

"A lack of quality in implementation lies at the heart of the popularity in development. The comprehensive strategy and efforts to sustain the quality of detail and design is a positive step to better development. All too often development is blighted by the poor delivery of schemes after huge effort is expended during the planning policy. If the implementation of the Policy D2, Delivering good design, and in particular its final clause H4 ‘local planning authorities using architect retention clauses in legal agreements where appropriate’, can be realised then this could reinforce the position of London as a centre of excellent design and fantastic delivery."

By Robbie Kerr, Director, ADAM Architecture, 30th November 2017