Safe Streets Survey with ADAM Architecture and Create Streets

March 30, 2024

ADAM Architecture have partnered with Create Streets to launch a nationwide survey focusing on street safety. This survey aims to identify the streets where we do and do not feel safe and to acknowledge the challenges that are still being faced.
Lois Lawn, Associate Senior Urban Designer at ADAM Architecture, explains that ''As Urban Designers, we think about the places and spaces people inhabit every day. A couple of years ago, we started a working group from the Women in ADAM Architecture group to discuss and research the main principles of safe streets. This was in response to the growing issue of women's safety in the public realm. We commenced an inhouse survey to understand how safe our staff feel on their commutes to and from work, which led to a conversation with David Milner and Lauren Botterill at Create Streets and a collaboration with Create Communities on a broader study of how safe people feel on streets in the UK.''

Your input matters - please take a moment to fill out this survey and contribute to creating safer streets for everyone.