Succession – vital for the firm, its people and the profession

October 5, 2022

A practical succession policy for any firm is crucial as the blueprint for change down the generations.  Planning for the future success of the firm is vitally important, not just for those individuals at the top but also for those working at all levels.  As an employer with over 100 staff in London and Winchester ADAM Architecture must be aware of that responsibility foremost.  With new blood and direction come fresh ideas and new thinking which are important to maintain the dynamism and creativity of the firm and stay in tune with new concepts, ideas and priorities.

ADAM Architecture’s succession process maintains a Board that cuts through ages and generations, that brings through new talent and recognises excellence, and is a sound model that is widely deployed across our sector.

Robbie Kerr (35), Director, ADAM Architecture, comments:

“I have been so fortunate to be a part of such a progressive firm, that recognises the benefits of providing opportunities to those at the start of their careers. Long before I became a Director, I found an affinity with the culture of the practice. Now as a Director I have the opportunity to work with those who have many years of experience and can help learn in an environment that promotes creativity. It is an environment that keeps all on our toes and those starting grounded. The continuing evolution of the firm is healthy and allows us to develop the debate on evolving traditions, remaining relevant to each successive generation without forgetting the important lessons of the past.”


Darren Price (43), Director, ADAM Architecture, comments:

“New direction and new thinking are critical to ensure progress and acknowledging generational influences above and beyond building design – like climate change, sustainability, and ethics - mean that we must embrace and contribute to the dynamic shifts within our company and the wider industry. I have been unbelievably fortunate to learn from so many gifted mentors, architects and colleagues, and draw upon a wealth of generous experience from those who steadied the ship before me. The duty to continue to do the same for those rising within the company today is a point of policy. We learn from the past to deliver the future, and how we continue to work with the best of the next generation is a test of our commitment to the process, as for them these influences will have even greater relevance. Being progressive in a traditional world is crucial, and that’s not just for today’s generation but looking much further ahead.”


Robert Cox (33), Director, ADAM Architecture, comments:
“As the youngest Director, I can say that succession planning and nurturing home-grown talent is essential in a firm such as ours. Without it any practice risks becoming cemented in its ways, will lack fresh thinking, and will fail to adopt new approaches.  I have been very fortunate to benefit from this process and learn under my fellow and past Directors over the last 10 years. We must continue to learn from and embrace the expertise of those who have trodden that path before us; if we don’t the chapters won’t relate.  I am conscious that I have a major responsibility to my team and the firm generally now in sharing what I know and listening to the next generation.”



About ADAM Architecture
ADAM Architecture is the leading practice specialising in Classical and Traditional architecture, and contextual urban design.  The practice which employs 105 staff has offices in Winchester and London, and is run by Nigel Anderson, Hugh Petter, George Saumarez Smith, Robbie Kerr, Darren Price and Robert Cox. ADAM Architecture is recognised worldwide for its award-winning projects, which range from new country houses and the restoration of historic buildings, commercial and public buildings, to masterplans including village extensions and major housing developments.  The Directors are consulted by government agencies and ministries on policy and design, and several urbanism projects have been cited as exemplar examples in recent government publications. They are trustees of national interest groups and prominent in professional affairs. They are active members or trustees of many national and international architectural and urban design organisations.

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