Tomorrow’s Homes research launched

November 21, 2022

Tomorrow’s Homes: pandemic-era social trends and their impact on the built environment’ is a new report published this week and commissioned jointly by architect and masterplanner ADAM Architecture, and landowner and property developer Blenheim Estate Homes. The report has been compiled by Lily Bernheimer of Space Works Consulting

Hugh Petter, Director, ADAM Architecture, says:

“Effectively this piece of work that draws on many sources both in the UK and further afield gives us a blueprint for the future.  It isn’t just about meeting housing need in terms of house numbers.  We need to go much further than that.

“Blenheim Estate and ADAM Architecture are already pioneering new approaches to conceiving, designing, and delivering new development which responds to these needs. The findings of ‘Tomorrow’s Homes’ underpin this work, and we are making it available to the wider construction community to help raise standards more generally at this time of critical demand.”

The report flags up major challenges, not least for housebuilders and the construction sector who, if concerned for the quality of life and needs of future occupiers, must consider many other conditions and influences governing what they build and the materials they use.  These range from low carbon/high spec design, sound planning/place making, green space, connectivity, and local facilities for both recreation, essential shopping and other needs such as schools. These apply equally to both new sites and when adapting existing town centres. Future development will be as much about green infrastructure as constructing buildings to meet housing demand.

That demand also requires greater variety in terms of property type and tenure and must account for living trends, single and family occupancy and multi-generational occupation.

Read more and download the report