Sam Little

2016 winner

In the summer of 2017 Sam Little set out to explore Seljuq brick building around Isfahan in central Iran. Due to visa restrictions on British Citizens travelling in Iran, he was unable to travel for more than 20 days within the country itself. In addition, he spent time visiting the wealth of stone Seljuq-era buildings in Turkey, spending two weeks travelling across the Anatolian plain between the great medieval trade centres including Konya, Sivas and Kayseri. Sam studied Architecture and Drawing at London Metropolitan University, The Royal Drawing School and The Architectural Association. In 2020, he set up ‘Channel’ with architect Ryan Cook. The practice is interested in the design and construction process. They work with industry, institutions and individuals to develop innovative architectural projects that seek to overcome traditional constraints, and focus on a concern for planetary resources.

Journeys of Discovery is dedicated to the memory of Sam (1991 – 2022)

Sam Little


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