We recognise that our growing success is down to the dedication and skill of those who work here. We are always keen to hear from talented individuals – architects, urban designers, and support staff – who are interested in joining our Winchester and London studios.

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Our ethos as an employer

  • We stress the importance of work-life balance and have an agile working policy.
  • Our open plan working environment encourages communication, knowledge sharing and creative team working.
  • We work across director and project teams and encourage employees to take on responsibilities beyond their immediate role.
  • We are dedicated to promoting equality and diversity across the business and are fully committed to gender pay balance at all levels.
  • Our staff are supported in their career development, and offered training, mentoring, and opportunities to join professional organisations, encouraging them to determine their own career path. We run programmes of structured training and knowledge sharing activities throughout the year.
  • We offer sponsorship and financial support to employees undertaking their examinations in professional practice.
  • We offer a variety of workplace activities ranging from ADAM Future Group (a young professionals’ group), Women in ADAM Architecture, mentoring, and life drawing.


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Women in ADAM Architecture

The Women in ADAM Architecture group was formed in 2019. Its aim is to empower and support all women in the practice, responding to the challenges they face in a still male-dominated industry. The group aims to create a safe environment for a variety of topics to be discussed with in-house presenters or guest speakers. They investigate challenges faced by women in the workplace and aim to improve the working environment, as well as raising awareness across the practice. One of the initiatives of the group is the mentoring scheme.

Mentoring scheme

The ADAM mentoring scheme is open to everyone at ADAM Architecture; the type of support received by each mentee is self-determined. For many of our staff, the mentorship scheme has provided an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues outside their project teams and enabled the sharing of resources and ideas.

ADAM Futures Group

The ADAM Futures Group is focused on harnessing the energy, interest, and emerging talent within the practice. The focus is to help individuals progress and develop their communication and analytical skills through team building, confidence in presentation, and independent thinking.

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) is headed up by Dr Martina Pacifici, Sustainability Lead, and the Deputy Sustainability Lead, Hal Mellen. The purpose of the SWG is to disseminate knowledge throughout the practice and provide specialist expertise, while improving the environmental credentials of our projects.

The SWG members collaborate closely with the Sustainability Team across research tops or more operative tasks. The group is usually fixed at a total of nine members, but those who would like to be considered are always welcome to come forward. Each member of the group works within sub-groups focusing on specific objectives, such as the creation of a sustainable materials library, testing energy modelling software, and establishing a sustainability review process to be embedded into the design process. Four members of the group are certified Passivhaus Designers/Consultants, and one is BREEAM AP certified.

Historic Buildings Working Group

The Historic Building Group is a hub for all employees with an interest in historic buildings. The focus of the group is to promote our historic building work, and to provide support and comprehensive advice to anyone in the practice working on existing building fabric.

Chalk Talks and PechaKucha events

The Chalk Talks and PechaKuchas are alternating social events, with staff-led presentations covering a vast array of subjects. The Chalk Talks allow the speaker to cover a subject in detail. The PechaKuchas follow the established fast-paced storytelling format of 10 speakers presenting 20 slides of 20 seconds each. Both formats are engaging means of expressing ideas visually and have proved to be both popular and inspirational.



Beyond the practice

  • We are committed to education and provide work experience, internships, and apprenticeship opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in architecture and/or masterplanning.
  • We fund a travel scholarship each year for external participants to undertake unique research into an area of personal architectural interest.
  • We donate a percentage of our income to charitable causes, chosen on an annual basis. Recent nominated charities have included the Air Ambulance Association, bereavement charities, a local hospice and cancer support.
  • We are committed to continued investment in technology to improve the quality, efficiency, and accuracy of our work. We have in place a Quality Management System and are working towards ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

How we work

  • Our open plan design studios are designed to encourage communication and knowledge sharing across teams, with a combination of stimulating spaces and quiet zones.
  • Projects are carried out in small teams headed up by one of the directors. This allows individuals greater design input and responsibility, as well as the opportunity to work collaboratively with highly experienced or specialised colleagues.


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Training and mentoring

ArchiCAD Training

Many people arrive at ADAM Architecture without any experience of ArchiCAD. We therefore run a structured induction and learning programme, headed up by our BIM Manager. All new employees receive:

  • one-to-one training from day 1 of joining; and
  • help, guidance, and further training on the software from an in-house CAD/BIM team.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 training support

ADAM Architecture works closely with Part I, Part 2 and Part 3 students to ensure that they receive an exceptional learning experience. To this end we provide:

  • the full cost towards course fees for Part 2 and Part 3 qualifications providing a repayment agreement is signed;
  • 4 days study leave per year for Part 2 course attendance;
  • 10 days study leave for Part 3 training;
  • mentoring to guide students through their studies and PEDR completion; and
  • pay for PEDR sign-off fees.

Continuous Professional Development

As part of our commitment to training and development we run a programme of structured training throughout the year, with lunchtime CPD seminars. These include internal technical seminars and the opportunity to attend academic events hosted by one or more of the directors.

Personal development

We take the personal development of all our employees seriously. To ensure our staff achieve their professional and personal development aims, we have a structured review and appraisal process:

  • all new employees have review meetings with their line manger at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months; and
  • all staff meet with at least one member of the Executive Board for their annual appraisal.

As part of the appraisal process each employee works through their key objectives with their line managers, enabling staff to build on their respective strengths and identify areas for development.



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