Placemaking: A patient approach to creating communities

Placemaking: A patient approach to creating communities

ADAM Architecture and Farrer & Co have sponsored an industry report ‘Placemaking: a patient approach to creating communities’ that raises questions and highlights schemes where developers and land-owners have taken a quality-led approach to property development, leaving a legacy in the communities they are building and ultimately driving up capital values.

What are modern, successful Community Developments and what can we learn from them as we seek to create better places?

The UK’s housing crisis is about more than just supply and demand. In a world that is evolving fast, it is also about the need for homes that reflect a changing society. This report explores how adopting a patient approach to placemaking can:

  • create beautiful places for people to live
  • deliver a higher volume of affordable homes
  • benefit the local economy
  • benefit the public purse
  • be positive for the environment
  • generate a higher return on investment

The research was conducted by Future Places Studio

Download a pdf copy of the report here.
If you are interested in a printed copy please email

Published in 2020

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