ADAM have supported new report on 20-minute neighbourhoods, published by University of Dundee

April 30, 2024

A new guide on how to create a 20-minute neighbourhood has been published by Dr Husam Al Waer, Reader in Sustainable Urban Design at the University of Dundee, titled 'Understanding the 20-Minute Neighbourhood: Making opportunities for people to live well locally'.

ADAM Architecture are proud to have supported this publication.

The guide outlines how the concept of a 20-minute neighbourhood can be applied in practice. It is intended for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of the meaning and implications of 20-minute neighbourhoods. This includes politicians, policymakers, local council officers and councillors, developers, planners, designers, NGOs, local businesses, community groups and residents’ associations. And urban designers and planners will find it useful too.

The guide takes readers through key considerations for a 20-minute neighbourhood strategy. This includes the following ideas.

• Understanding and articulating the desired outcomes that politicians, planners, architects, urban designers and other decision makers want to achieve.
• Correctly assembling the means – mechanisms, levers, triggers and causal factors – necessary to produce a 20-minute neighbourhood.
• Setting out the changes and behaviour required to support the successful operation of a20-minute neighbourhood (essential even where the ends and means can be achieved). It’s worth noting, a ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ defies clear definition. There is no single paradigm around which to organise thought and action. Instead, there are competing viewpoints about how best to deliver 20-minute neighbourhoods, and how much priority should be given to each of their component parts. Each case or project has its own specific context and circumstances. What may work in designing a new urban neighbourhood may not apply when retrofitting an existing one.

Link to the guide.